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We are in a time where ignorance is no longer bliss, and it is important to be attentive and aware of the impact you are having on this world. Like it or not, you do impact not only the economy and the people around you, and the world. It is definitely easy to be one of those sluggish consumers that only add to the problem rather than attempt to help it and I am sad to say that the majority of the people reading this are the same people I walk behind picking up their gum wrappers and cigarette butts, buying everything they own at Wal-Mart. An even harder thing to cope with is that they are not going to change, but in all honesty awareness is the key and only if you made one simple change to your routine, your impact will speak volumes.

Due to the overwhelming increase in the global food prices, buying locally is a fairly significant way of positively impacting our world. If you are a supermarket junkie, here are some very important reasons why you should put your oversized shopping cart away and pick up your reusable cloth bag.

When you purchase from locally owned businesses rather than nationally owned, more money is kept in your community. Buying within your community helps stimulate the local economy and increases the growth of local businesses. Farmer’s Markets give more money to the farmers (crazy concept I know.)Normally, farmers get only 1/4th of every dollar’s worth of produce sold in supermarkets. At the Farmers’ market, they get the whole dollar, directly from the buyer and you can ask how it was grown, with what kinds of fertilizers, you can ask questions until your heart is content.

If farming was balanced out in each community, we could save fuel and scarce resources spent on shipping and reduce our dependence on importing internationally. Sadly, our food transport is one of the world’s largest sources of CO2 pollutants. Buying from a local grower dramatically decreases importing and environmental contamination rates. Not to mention the food you are buying is extremely fresh, I’m talking, picked that morning fresh and certified organic.

Supermarket foods have traveled for sometimes, not joking, up to a year before reaching the selves. A study by the Australian “Sun Herald” uncovered supermarket apples to average 10 months! How is that even possible, you might ask? They are coated in wax, blasted with fungicide spray and stored in specific cold conditions. Imported fruits can be stored up to a year. Many vegetables and fruits are packed in sulfur dioxide and after the long wait time, majority of the nutrients you think you are getting are completely lost.

These few facts are just the tip of a very large iceberg. There are so many important steps you can take, even if you need to go to the supermarket, check labels for organic, buy “in season” produce and bring your own bag.

If you are still rolling your eyes and refuse to acknowledge your careless ways, at least now you are not ignorant because ignorance is innocent and comes from not knowing any better. Stupidity is a poor ability to understand or to profit from knowledge.

Without sounding too harsh, I still have faith that everyone has the ability to make a few simple yet important changes, you just need to find the willpower. Maybe it won’t be with your food habits, but I hope something sparks a change in you, because we are a part of a generation that faces a lot greater problems then convenience. With that been said, I’ll step off my soap-box, for now. (But I encourage you to find your own.)

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This Past Week in Vegas with My SeedleSs famiLy <3

Greening out the Las Vegas Convention Center

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Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it

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My original article on Natural Ingredients Bodycare,

When it comes time to treat yourself to a nice body makeover, there are a few natural remedies you might want to add into your routine.

Get down and dirty with: Mud

This might sound a little strange to dip yourself in a bath of mud, but is definitively not a new concept. The grand Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known to cover her body in the mud of the Dead Sea. This ancient beautifying ritual has a fabulous natural detoxification process and the natural minerals found in most clay and muds are great for your skin. Mud tightens pores, helps clear acne, improves circulation, helps with skin disorders and helps clear dandruff, to name a few. The treatment might be messy but is well worth the dirty bathroom. If you want an effective way to clean your pores and improve your skin, slather on the mud!

Show your sweet side with: Sugar

If you have sensitive skin, or if you like sweetest of scents, sugar is your new best friend. It dissolves quickly in water and is a great way to exfoliate without tearing up your skin. Sugar scrubs not only brush away dead skin cells, but they tighten the pores and add moisture to the skin leaving it smooth and soft. To get a little scientific, sugar contains glycolic acid, which protects and moisturizes the skin. Both brown and white sugars will work; many recipes that you can find online use pure cane sugar. Mix it with your favorite sweet products to leave your skin not only smelling sweet but tasting delicious as well.

Last but definitely not least: Salt

Salt is one of the best, most effective natural ingredients you can use on your body. Have you noticed every time you take a dip in the ocean, your skin feels a lot healthier the next day? Your little scraps and scratches seem to heal quicker as well. As a true Cali kid, I notice these things and it is true! Known for its soothing and disinfecting properties salt is one of nature’s best healers. It also aids in blood circulation and unclogs pores, what more could you want? There are lots of products on the market that include salts into their soap and oils, but like all of these natural methods, if you do not want to buy a sometimes expense trendy scrub, you can make your own.

Have fun concocting your very own special scrubs, maybe your favorite scent is strawberry, so add in crushed organic strawberries. A personal favorite, coconut, can be added as well, just use mix some coconut oil into your batch. The possibilities are endless and just watch the difference it has on your skin.

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